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Discover the secrets to perfect Buxus care with the TOPBUXUS® Care Guide. Delivered straight to your door, this essential guide is brimming with expert tips on planting, maintaining, and ensuring the health and beauty of your Buxus for the avid home gardener. From seasonal care to pruning precision and feeding for vitality, it’s the gardener's ultimate handbook.

Why you’ll love it:

  • Comprehensive Guidance: All you need for thriving Buxus in one place.
  • Expert Advice: From planting, to peak health, backed by professionals.
  • Season-by-Season Tips: Keep your Buxus splendid throughout the year.
  • Eco-Friendly: Promotes healthy gardens and supports pollinators.

Elevate your Buxus game with the TOPBUXUS® Care Guide — indispensable for every gardener.

    Deep green leaves though all essential nutrients

    Boosts uniform growth

    Fast acting. Works immediately as soon as it is watered in

    Application rates

    20kg granular fertiliser

    50 grams of of pellets covers 1m2 (Approximately 1 medium to large sized pot)

    500g covers 10m2. 20kg container will cover 40 applications on this area over 6-8 weeks.

    Whole container covers 400m2

    Apply year round every 6-8 weekly when new budding is produced, or when discolouration continues

    Benefits of applying Topbuxus Grow

    By fertilising your Buxus regularly with TOPBUXUS Grow you ensure that the plant receives all the nutrition it needs.

    This way it will retain its beautiful green colour, without yellow, red, or orange leaves. Even throughout Winter.

    It is quick release and fast absorbing, delivering nutrients to the Buxus immediately and exactly as it needs it

    Product description

    TOPBUXUS GROW is a very fast-acting, professional basic fertiliser for Boxwood. It ensures strong plants with a deep green colour, without yellow leaves.

    TOPBUXUS GROW contains all the nutrients your Buxus needs, in the right proportions. Sprinkling extra lime is not necessary when you are using TOPBUXUS GROW

    Buxus need extra nutrition especially when they are producing new leaves and being trimmed regularly.
    Using TOPBUXUS GROW 6-8 weekly year round will ensure you get enough nutrients to you Buxus. Especially in the growing season these plant need a lot of nutrients that are quickly released (in contrast to the widely available slow-release fertilisers).

    The most beautiful plants with an intense deep green colour contain a high level of sulphur. In the past, sulphur was much more abundant in the air (delivered with more acidic rain). In TOPBUXUS GROW a considerable amount of sulphur has been included to make up for this deficiency.

    TOPBUXUS GROW is a pellet and should simply be sprinkled on the ground around the root zone of the plant. Do not sprinkle on the plant, as this can cause burning.

    Nutrient information

    Contains high amounts of Calcium, Magnesium, and Sulphur which are unique to Buxus health and greening, as well as a Nitrogen, Potassium and Phosphorus

    When to apply

    Apply TOPBUXUS Grow 6-8 yearly year round (which mirrors the budding cycle of the Buxus)

    Apply the fertiliser as new buds are being produced to boost growth. Also apply if plants are orange or red (When Buxus can't find nutrients in the soil, it will take it from itself)

    Apply late Autumn and through Winter to boost root growth over Winter for more density in Spring

    Beginners Care Guide
    Beginners Care Guide
    Beginners Care Guide
    Beginners Care Guide

    Why use Topbuxus

    Buxus are hungry plants that need lots of nutrients to thrive, especially when being hedged the way we love. They also need specific nutrients that can guarantee deep green colour year round, and lush vibrant growth in the growing season. Topbuxus has everything that you need to get the best results for you Buxus, and quickly.


    Can I use these products together?

    yes you can. We recommend using these products together for best results.

    Is the Health-mix a fertiliser?

    The Health-mix is a foliar applied fertiliser containing specific nutrients to boost recovery of yellowing, bronzing, and defoliating plants. This is also great for feeding lots of plants at once, especially if they are planted close together, guaranteeing they are all getting the same nutrients

    Whats the difference between Health-mix and Grow?

    Health-mix as specific nutrients that are essential for recovery from yellowing, bronzing and defoliating foliage, it is also great for feeding large, tightly packed hedge rows. The grow contains all of the essential nutrients for greening and growth boosting. 

    How much Health-mix do I need for my hedges?

    One tablet dissolved in one litre of water will cover an area of 10m2.

    How much Grow do I apply to my plants?

    500g does 10m2, ife you have pots you can apply approx 50g per 1m2 pot

    Do I need to water in Grow?

    Yes you should water in Grow after applying. Grow is a fast acting fertliser and will rapidly break down as soon as it is watered in.

    Customer Reviews

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    Guide is not worth the money. Includes basic information, a couple non-Australian items and is really a dollar a page. Expected more.

    Hi Paul,

    Thank you so much for your feedback! We're always striving to make our materials better, and we'd really appreciate any thoughts you might have whenever you get a chance.

    Thanks again!


    Easy to read and understand how keep
    the buxus healthy.