Can you ship to a PO box or Australia Post centre?

Due to the terms of our Courier, we are unable to ship to PO boxes or any Australia Post centres.

Is it safe to use around other plants?

Topbuxus is perfectly safe to use around any plants. The products are designed specifically to optimise Buxus nutrition but can provide secondary nutrients to other surrounding plants.

When can you use the products?

Both products can be used 12 months of the year.

Is it safe to use in the heat?

Grow and Health-mix can be used at all times of the year. However, in summer, it is best to spray the Health-mix in the early morning, late evening, or during the day at temperatures 25℃ or below.

Which product works the best?

Both products are effective on their own but are better used in combination. They were designed to assist plant health in different ways and will give you the best result when applied together.

How long till you see results?

Customers typically report seeing a change around the 2–4-week mark. However, this is dependent on plant health and time of year. If the plants condition is extremely poor, it might take a bit longer to see results. Also, if temperatures are consistently below 25℃ (eg. Late Autumn, and Winter), visible changes may not be seen till the temperature consistently increases.

What time of year is best to use products?

Both our Grow and Health-mix can be used all times of the year. Although there are seasonal specific benefits to each product, they are perfect for delivering exactly what your Buxus needs no matter the time of year. Any off-season applications will further establish your Buxus to excel in Spring.

Which product is best for greening?

Both products have the required nutrients for greening. But if you want to take your Buxus to the next level, then our Grow granular fertiliser is the product for you. Grow is packed full of greening nutrients and is best for Buxus that are severely discoloured, and malnourished

Are the products better for Buxus in the ground or pots?

Our products work perfectly for all Buxus in any situation, from in ground to pots.

Which product does what, are they the same?

Both our Grow and Health-mix treat different aspects of Buxus health.
Grow is a year-round nutrient booster, with the added benefit of turbo charging growth in the growing season. It is best for turning around orange/red leaves and deepening the green of your Buxus.
Health-mix reverses the bronze, defoliating leaves, and associated dead patches by treating the fungal infection Buxus blight.

Do I apply the products before planting or repotting Buxus?

Apply both products after planting or potting up new or old Buxus.

How often do I apply?

Health-mix:Best applied every 4-6 weeks, 12 months of the year for health restoration and Buxus blight prevention. Increase frequency if signs of bronzing leaves and defoliation are substantial, persistent, or worsening.
General health – Apply as a general purpose fertilser all year round. Keep adding until the leaves start to turn deep green.
Growth boosting - Apply at first sign of new buds at the beginning of Spring, then keep applying every 6-8 weeks until growing season ends (roughly 4-5 applications).

Can you over apply the Grow and Health-mix?

The products are safe to use and there is no danger of over application.

Is it better to use a watering can or sprayer for the application of Health-mix?

You can use both. Watering cans are often best for small areas, pump sprays are better for medium to large sized areas.

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