How to use Health-Mix

Keep your Buxus healthy and green.

What HEALTH-MIX is used for

TOPBUXUS® HEALTH-MIX foliar applied fertlising, health tonic. The HEALTH-MIX is a dissolvable tablet packed with nutrients to ensure your Buxus stays healthy. HEALTH-MIX also acts as a Ph neutralier, balancing the soil Ph AND heavy water. Best of all HEALTH-MIX is non-toxic and safe for bees, and all other pollinators.

When you see bronzing and defoliating leaves

Follow the instructions for HEALTH-MIX to repair bronzing and defoliation. Modify the spraying schedule (increase frequency) if the bronzing and defoliation is substantial and persistent:

Week 1 – Spray the entire Buxus hedge with the TOPBUXUS® HEALTH-MIX

Week 2 – Apply a second time to the entire Buxus hedge.

After Week 2 through to the end of the season – Continue to apply the spray once a month throughout the year.

Coverage Area
When 1 tablet is mixed with 1L of water, coverage is 10m2. Measure your Buxus area to determine the amount of liquid solution you will need.

Coverage area by product size

10 Tablets = 100m2

40 Tablets = 400m2

100 Tablets = 1,000m2

800 Tablets = 8,000m2

Product Analysis
8-0-8.3 (1.5 MgO) Including 5.5 SO3 foliar spray with secondary nutrients.

Shelf Life
The shelf life for the solid tablet will keep for a minimum of 3 years as long as it’s kept in its original packaging in a dry environment and out of direct sunlight. HEALTH-MIX can also be kept and applied at a later stage once dissolved.

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