The local guys

We are an Australian based company that has partnered with TOPBUXUS® to bring this incredible product to the Australian market.

We are experienced and Qualified Horticulturalists specialising in high end gardens. We were constantly being asked by our clients why their Buxus never looked good. We spent years trying many ''make your own" remedies but nothing seemed to work. One day we came across TOPBUXUS®, ordered some product to trial, and didn't looked back. After a year of using both Health-Mix and Grow, we were so impressed we wanted to bring the product to everyone in Australia.

Topbuxus Holland

TOPBUXUS® began as one of the largest Buxus production nurseries in Europe. In 1987 Adrie van Dun and his father Janus embarked on a Buxus journey that would see them product over 12 million plants by 2011.  The key to their success was continued development innovative Buxuscare treatments and products.


Why We Developed the Health-Mix

In 2008 Buxus Blight took its hold throughout Europe devastating the industry. TOPBUXUS® worked quickly to develop a treatment to ensure they didn't become another casualty. Partnering with the University of Wageningen, TOPBUXUS® carried out numerous experiments to find the right mix of; Dose, frequency, and non-toxic ingredients. TOPBUXUS® participated in an independent Research Study called “Boxwood Blight Preventative Strategy”. They study compared the treatment efficacy of Adam, Bayer, Syngenta and TOPBUXUS®.  The results of the study concluded that spraying the TOPBUXUS® Health Mix product monthly during the European growing season ensured the Buxus would survive the worst “fungus weather conditions.”  The study also highlighted that TOPBUXUS® required 30% less spraying than its competitors and performed better than fungicides made from noxious chemicals.