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TOPBUXUS® GROW is a very fast acting professional Buxus fertiliser. 

  • 500g covers 10m2
  • Fast acting fertiliser
  • No yellow leaves
  • Eco and pollinator friendly

Deep green leaves though all essential nutrients

Boosts uniform growth

Fast acting. Works immediately as soon as it is watered in

Application rates

Great for small areas, 500g granular fertiliser:
- Just 50 grams per 1m² (1 medium to large pot)
- 500g covers 10m²
- 500g container = 10 applications over 6-8 weeks on 1m²
Apply every 6-8 weeks year-round during budding or discoloration.

Benefits of applying Topbuxus Grow

TOPBUXUS Grow ensures your Buxus stays lush green all year round, even in winter. Its fast-absorbing formula delivers nutrients instantly, keeping leaves vibrant without yellowing or browning.

It is quick release and fast absorbing, delivering nutrients to the Buxus immediately and exactly as it needs it

Product description

- Fast-acting, pro-grade fertiliser for Buxus.
- Ensures lush, yellow-free greenery.
- Contains all essential nutrients, no need for extra lime.
- Vital during leaf growth and regular trimming.
- Apply every 6-8 weeks year-round for optimum nutrition.
- Rapid-release formula for high-demand growing seasons.
- Enriched with calcium, magnesium, and sulphur for intense green color.
- Granular format, simply sprinkle around the root zone to avoid burning.

Nutrient information

Packed with essential nutrients like Calcium, Magnesium, and Sulphur, vital for Buxus health and vibrant greenery. Also contains Nitrogen, Potassium, and Phosphorus for overall plant vigor.

When to apply

Apply TOPBUXUS Grow every 6-8 weeks year-round to match Buxus budding cycles. Boost growth by applying when new buds emerge. Prevent orange or red leaves by replenishing nutrients. Enhance root density in Spring by applying late Autumn through Winter.

Apply late Autumn and through Winter to boost root growth over Winter for more density in Spring


Why use Topbuxus

Buxus are hungry plants that need lots of nutrients to thrive, especially when being hedged the way we love. They also need specific nutrients that can guarantee deep green colour year round, and lush vibrant growth in the growing season. Topbuxus has everything that you need to get the best results for you Buxus, and quickly.


Can I use these products together?

yes you can. We recommend using these products together for best results.

Is the Health-mix a fertiliser?

The Health-mix is a foliar applied fertiliser containing specific nutrients to boost recovery of yellowing, bronzing, and defoliating plants. This is also great for feeding lots of plants at once, especially if they are planted close together, guaranteeing they are all getting the same nutrients

Whats the difference between Health-mix and Grow?

Health-mix as specific nutrients that are essential for recovery from yellowing, bronzing and defoliating foliage, it is also great for feeding large, tightly packed hedge rows. The grow contains all of the essential nutrients for greening and growth boosting. 

How much Health-mix do I need for my hedges?

One tablet dissolved in one litre of water will cover an area of 10m2.

How much Grow do I apply to my plants?

500g does 10m2, ife you have pots you can apply approx 50g per 1m2 pot

Do I need to water in Grow?

Yes you should water in Grow after applying. Grow is a fast acting fertliser and will rapidly break down as soon as it is watered in.

Customer Reviews

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Flora Watto
Good product

Good product, but very expensive for the amount of product

So far so good!

I bought some new Japanese box (Faulkner) a few months back for my front patio. So there were no existing issues to fix as such, but they have really flourished with the grow and health mix and shot up fast with dense foliage. They seem to be loving the nutrients from these products. I use the health spray as a preventative as well even if the leaves aren’t yellowing. Very happy so far

Gail Perry
Still waiting for improvement

Expensive for what you get! Not too sure if it’s going to help my plants. Anyway it was worth a try.

Hi there!

Our products contain multiple nutrients which you would need to buy several other products to get a similar result. They are so manufactured in Germany and are of the highest quality. If you want some more information to get you towards success, I have attached a care guide to help get you there!

Charles R
Nothing special

After paying a premium and seeing the advertising I really had high expectations… unfortunately the results were average at best.

Hey Charles!

Thanks for reaching out to us. We've noticed that sometimes when there's trouble with our product, it's not always the product itself, but other factors affecting the plant's health. It might be related to soil quality, watering habits, or even root diseases.

Would you mind sending us some pictures of your plants? You can email them to We'd love to take a look and assist you in finding the best solution for success!


My hedges have all this new fluffy growth starting, can’t be a coincidence so thank you!