TOPBUXUS® H-M | 100 Applications

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TOPBUXUS® HEALTH-MIX fast acting leaf bronzing and defoliation repair and prevention

  • 100 Effervescent pellets covers 1000m2
  • Fast acting fertiliser
  • No leaf bronzing and defoliation
  • Eco and pollinator friendly

Guarantees all plants get the same nutrition

Protects new growth from diseases and boosts recovery

Fast acting. Works immediately as soon as it is watered in

Application rates

100 effervescent tablets:
- 1 tablet = 10m² coverage (100 monthly applications).
- Whole container covers 1000m².
- Spray every 4 weeks year-round for optimal results, while competitors require weekly application.


- Non-toxic foliar fertiliser, chemical-free!
- Outperforms toxic alternatives, needing less frequent spraying for equal results.

Product description

TOPBUXUS Health-Mix:
- Boosts Buxus health and resilience against pests and disease.
- Promotes rapid leaf regrowth, even after leaf loss.
- Monthly application ensures continuous health and strength.
- Enhances resistance to pests and diseases.

Nutrient information

Packed with fast-release nitrogen, magnesium, potassium, and essential micronutrients.

When to apply

Apply TOPBUXUS Health-mix year-round in Australia.
Avoid spraying on days over 25°C or during frost/snow.
Spray monthly, even in Winter.

TOPBUXUS® H-M | 100 Applications
TOPBUXUS® H-M | 100 Applications
TOPBUXUS® H-M | 100 Applications
TOPBUXUS® H-M | 100 Applications
TOPBUXUS® H-M | 100 Applications
TOPBUXUS® H-M | 100 Applications
TOPBUXUS® H-M | 100 Applications
TOPBUXUS® H-M | 100 Applications

Why use Topbuxus

Buxus are hungry plants that need lots of nutrients to thrive, especially when being hedged the way we love. They also need specific nutrients that can guarantee deep green colour year round, and lush vibrant growth in the growing season. Topbuxus has everything that you need to get the best results for you Buxus, and quickly.


Can I use these products together?

yes you can. We recommend using these products together for best results.

Is the Health-mix a fertiliser?

The Health-mix is a foliar applied fertiliser containing specific nutrients to boost recovery of yellowing, bronzing, and defoliating plants. This is also great for feeding lots of plants at once, especially if they are planted close together, guaranteeing they are all getting the same nutrients

Whats the difference between Health-mix and Grow?

Health-mix as specific nutrients that are essential for recovery from yellowing, bronzing and defoliating foliage, it is also great for feeding large, tightly packed hedge rows. The grow contains all of the essential nutrients for greening and growth boosting. 

How much Health-mix do I need for my hedges?

One tablet dissolved in one litre of water will cover an area of 10m2.

How much Grow do I apply to my plants?

500g does 10m2, ife you have pots you can apply approx 50g per 1m2 pot

Do I need to water in Grow?

Yes you should water in Grow after applying. Grow is a fast acting fertliser and will rapidly break down as soon as it is watered in.

Customer Reviews

Based on 62 reviews
Stuart MacDonald
Exceptional Results

Topbuxus au
have provided the complete healing process for restoring our existing hedges
with truly sustainable growth that is amazing to watch
U can buy with confidence and trust this is what your hedges crave



Unable to order through local supplier

Hello. Your website has Mitre 10 Sorell listed as my local retailer. I approached them and ‘ordered’ your product about 3 months ago, but they tell me it still isn’t in!! They also mentioned that they haven’t/don’t order through their store, but through another mitre 10 store who is owned by the same group. I wanted to purchase through my local store because the postage costs pushed the overall price a little too high, and why pay postage if you advertise a local distributor. Can you help me get the product without paying freight, given that your distributor can’t seem to help?

Sharyn Donaldson
Poor customer service

I had an issue w delivery have sent three emails with no reply

Hi there Sharyn

I have seen you reviews online and can see that something is troubling you. I have tried to contact you via your mobile to discuss the issue further but was unable to get through. I have left a voice message and await your reply. In response to your sent emails, I have checked with my team, and we have gone through our emails and cannot see any correspondence from you. Could you please screenshot all 3 emails for me and send them to Not receiving your emails is very concerning to me, especially when its relating to your delivery. Please get in contact with me so we can help assist further.

Anita Bayley
“The Fertilizer Shower”

Unfortunately the fertilizer lid was not properly secured for transit and I chased beads forever and still finding them!!

Hi there Anita,

I am sorry this happened. Are you able to email us at with some more details. This is something we would like to avoid in the future.